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Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction: Chainlink, Bitcoin & Polygon Asian Wrap 27 February

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Integrated applications include Aave, Compound, Synthetix, and more. Chainlink oracle networks are blockchain-agnostic and are incentivized through the native LINK token, used for node payments and network collateral. The Chainlink price page is just one in Price Index that features price history, price ticker, market cap, and live charts for the top cryptocurrencies. When Chainlink was launched in 2017, the original white paper envisioned the project as a centralized oracle system for verifying incoming information. The Chainlink 2.0 white paper in April 2021, however, highlighted a transition from a centralized oracle system to a decentralized oracle network.

Aptos (APT) sees Renewed Attention, While Chainlink (LINK) and … – Bitcoinist

Aptos (APT) sees Renewed Attention, While Chainlink (LINK) and ….

Posted: Wed, 22 Feb 2023 06:37:01 GMT [source]

The gains continued into 2021, with Chainlink surging to a new all-time high of $36.93 in February, reaching a market cap of over $14 billion. Stakers will earn LINK tokens as they participate in a decentralized alerting system that flags the network when feeds are not meeting performing requirements. Kostis Karantias is a software engineer and researcher in the cryptocurrency space with a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Ioannina. He previously conducted research and development on cross-chain interoperability, light clients, and innovative consensus algorithms. Before working on blockchains, he worked at Bloomberg as a Software Engineer. Dr. Boneh is a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University where he heads the applied cryptography group and co-directs the Center for Blockchain Research.

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Ethereum merging its mainnet and Beacon Chain is expected to affect LINK’s price action, too. In fact, it has also been demonstrated that there’s some correlation between ETH and LINK. ETH rose above $4000 and LINK broke the $50-mark to reach its all-time high last year. One would think that this works out well in favor of decentralization, but most of those tokens have been bought up by whales.

The network is also used by data providers to monetize their datasets by selling their APIs to smart contract applications. If the blockchain is a computer, then oracles would be like Wi-Fi or internet access. Blockchain oracles facilitate the communications between blockchains with “off-chain” systems like web application programming interfaces , internet-of-things devices and data providers. Not only do oracles allow for a blockchain to listen and receive data from off-chain systems, but they also let the blockchain broadcast, output and validate on-chain data to its non-blockchain peers. Some analysts are now predicting that LINK will carry through to $10 in the coming weeks, helped by a combination of price momentum and growing usage of Chainlink. And with some supporters expecting Chainlink’s partnership with SWIFT to connect the decentralized oracle network with over ten thousand banks, LINK could end up rallying massively in the more distant future.

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When the chainlink bitcoin hits the target price, an alert will be sent to you via browser notification. To receive alerts, please allow web browser notification permission. To check Chainlink’s price live in the fiat currency of your choice, you can use’s converter feature in the top-right corner of this page. Deposit crypto to our exchange and trade with deep liquidity and low fees.


Guide To Cross-chainlink bitcoin Interoperability Protocol Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol enables a whole new level of interaction between blockchain systems. Adding Chainlink to MetaMask allows you to view your token holdings, trade on decentralized exchanges, and more. You can copy LINK’s contract address and import it manually, or if you’ve installed MetaMask’s chrome extension, add LINK to MetaMask with one click on CoinGecko.

Even so, following Chainlink’s 7 June proposal of the staking update, LINK surged by nearly 20% from $7 all the way up to $9. Cross-chain interoperability protocol in an initial proof-of-concept . This move will pave the way for the institutional adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology . Chainlink launched its token sale on Sep 19, 2017 and completed it on Oct 19, 2017. Oeiras, Portugal, 31st October, 2022, Chainwire — MasterBlox foundation and Chainlink Labs are partnering up to support the next generation of Web3 projects.

Are people using Chainlink?

Chainlink is the most widely used decentralized oracle network, currently securing tens of billions in USD value for live applications across numerous blockchains and use cases.

If LINK can break through the resistance level of $8, then it ETC may continue rising for a little while longer, while consolidating around new longer-term levels. A majority of the forecasts have signaled ETH double-digit gains for Chainlink. However, price predictions are not a substitute for due diligence and research. That said, LINK’s fear and greed index showed the alt to be in the ‘neutral’ zone. The above analogy would not hold true for even a third of the thousands of crypto projects that exist today. Interest Protocol, the first fractional reserve banking protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, announced earlier this month that it had entered into a strategic partnership with Chainlink.

Because link is used both for the exchange of data services and for node validator staking, it is used both as a means of payment and as a work token. Additionally, link has a hard cap of 1 billion tokens that are distributed as rewards for the validation work of node operators. Use decentralization, trusted nodes, premium data, and cryptographic proofs to connect highly accurate and available data/APIs to any smart contract. From an investment point of view, one might compare Chainlink and its token to how a traditional company and its shares function. If the company has a healthy balance sheet and has a meaningful contribution to the economy, then its shares are bound to perform well.

  • This feature was launched back in 2020 but has started to gain popularity in the wake of the current unrest in the industry.
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  • LINK gradually recovered over the next three months, before upsurges in July and August took prices as high as $20.
  • Dr. Boneh is a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University where he heads the applied cryptography group and co-directs the Center for Blockchain Research.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries and the UK.

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The must break upward from the blue Gann line otherwise it will make new lows against BTC. That’s the first question that comes to mind when looking at the Chainlink vs Bitcoin chart. A major uptrend developed after the May 2022 low that peaked early November.

In fact, its Chainlink price prediction indicates that there is still an opportunity for this cryptocurrency to increase. TradingView’s technical analyses also indicate that LINK will increase in value over time. Offering proof of reserve services for troubled crypto exchanges.

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